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Oral Health Treatment Services

The Smile Store is a child-friendly and customer focused environment providing comprehensive oral health treatment.

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Group Oral Health Education

The Shannon Kelly Toothfairy Cottage is an innovative, welcoming learning center where children and families gain the decision-making skills needed to make positive oral health choices and improve their health and well-being.

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Community Outreach Program

We take the educational message of The Toothfairy Cottage beyond its walls and provides vital oral health education and screenings to children in the places where they live and attend school - at no cost to schools, families, or community-based organizations.

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FY22 Program Goals

Based on the burgeoning demand for TCDC’s services, TCDC’s FY22 goal is to provide over
5,000 treatment visits for dentally underserved children and adults in the local community. TCDC has increased oral health education encounters to individual patients and to their families to improve oral health outcomes. As of 2020, group oral health education programs and the community outreach programs were suspended due to pandemic restrictions.

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