Six-year-old Prescilla Osorio has been a patient for over two years. During her initial visit in March of 2015, her parents came to The Children’s Dental Center (TCDC) for their daughter’s first ever dental appointment. From the first visit, the patient has been uninsured and has paid out of pocket for all her services. In March of 2015, patient’s caries risk was high based on the snack consumption and while “white spot lesions on upper anteriors” were visible, the patient presented no cavities and was recommended a six-month check-up appointment (AKA “recall”).

Her next appointment in September showed the same results and again was recommended a six-month recall. However, when the patient returned with her parents in March of 2016, “multiple interproximal cavities” had emerged and it was recommended by the General Dentist that fillings be completed by our Pedodontic Specialist. Parents were given consultation regarding the price of the treatment but, there was no follow-up appointment given due to financial struggles.

Now, over one year later, the patient has returned to our clinic with much more extensive treatment needed in the order presented: 2 extractions, 2 pulpotomies, 2 stainless steel crowns, 2 space maintainers, 4 fillings, and 4 sealants. The thanks go to America’s Toothfairy for covering ALL of Prescilla’s treatment completely free of charge to her father. 

Watch the video below to see how Prescilla’s father reacted to his daughter getting the grant: